Sharing Secrets

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Sharing Secrets

Pssst......I am so excited to announce the release of my latest limited edition canvas print staring my woodland Blue Bear, his cheeky little buddy Lollipop and of course the rest of his tropical bird friends.

Sharing Secrets is inspired by when I saw a little girl whispering in her elderly grandfather's ear at our gallery. He laughed out loud and whispered back, which set her off giggling.  When her grandfather and I made eye contact, he grinned and said to me, "Just sharing some secrets with my little tweetie bird!" I loved the joyful exchange between the two of them and of course my sketch book came out and I jotted down my idea that immediately started to form in my head. Real life is always the best inspiration for art....something that pulls at the heart strings and makes us smile.

12 x 16 195.00 Limited canvas edition
32 x 24 450.00 Limited canvas edition
33 x 24 950.00 *artist enhanced canvas edition                            

*artist enhanced: I will hand paint into each print something new, making them each unique. We can even discuss adding something with meaning to you making it special and personal. 
**Each one will be on a 1.5 inch gallery stretcher, sealed with a UV coating and ready to hang. 

For any order of Artist Enhanced, we will contact you directly to discuss the enhancements that you would like once the order is placed.