Vance Theoret

Firstly there are several ways to approach carving a piece of stone. Of these ways there is no right way or wrong way. Only the way that best works for that artist’s mental and visual processes. Some artists will make drawings and sketches and then use them as a guide for their stone work. Other artists will make small clay models and then reproduce them in a larger form. And still there are those, like myself, who will look at a piece of stone and see the shapes already inside waiting to be released and use what’s called a “direct carving” method

Have you ever found yourself looking at clouds in the sky while at the same time, day dreaming? And out of the blue you see shapes of things in those clouds. Well in a way this is how the stone talks to me. Hopefully this example can give you an idea what I’m talking about. In the beginning, communication with the stone was difficult. Something that I had to be in a right frame of mind to experience. But like any talent or skill, it became more accessible the more I used it. The key was to get my ego out of the way and allow my mind to be open and uncluttered. I ‘ve been carving stone now for some twenty years and although I can enter into communication with the stone at will, each time there is a sense of wonder and excitement that makes each carving an adventure!