Patricia Coulter

"Experimenting with different mediums, I always felt the need to create.  When I discovered painting, I loved the uplifting feelings I got from it. Painting is something like a yoga practice, I always feel better after!

With painting large paintings, I feel that I am giving luscious colors an opportunity to breathe, to let go, to flow!  So often, artists use small strokes and incremental dabs of paint applied to a predetermined size. 

A local lounge often has funny messages on their highway signs.  The one that said “We have beer trapped in bottles and cans.  Help it escape!” made me think of releasing the energy trapped inside paint containers. Let that joy and energy out of the bottle and let it speak, whisper, laugh and shout!" 

Love At First Sight!

Originally working with watercolour, I loved the intermingling of colours.  I even liked looking at the paint left on the palette at the end of a painting.  I was always looking for more vivid color!

My husband suggested trying acrylic paints.  At first, I added water like I was accustomed to with working with watercolor.  This resulted in a watered down, pasty-looking painting.  Then I discovered fluid acrylics and it was love at first sight! I was getting the rich colors I had been searching for, the flow was similar to the fluidity of watercolour, and I could experiment.  I was getting my groove on.

Now I set up a piece of canvas at various heights.  Then I start layering the flows of paint.  I have a definite outcome in mind but I have learned that I have to be open to spontaneous surprises!  Sometimes the paint has a mind of its own and goes in a totally different tangent than what I was expecting!  I have learned to think ‘It’s all good!’ and it is!  The results are paintings that are big, bold, and beautiful!