Elyse Aussant

Aussant started to make a living on her own in 1991 at the age of sixteen as an actress in Montreal but it was in 2005 that a special interest grew for her paintings. Many visitors to her home wanted to know where the paintings came from and if they could purchase one. With numerous solo expositions in Montreal, Aussant has shown
also in New York, Barcelona, Detroit, Paris, Cannes, Toronto, Miami and Brussels.

Artistic approach

Through her paintings, Aussant shows her poetic vision of reality. Urban, lustrous, unifying and stemming from the planetary globalisation current, her work is a testimony to the artist's sensibility and generosity.

She creates spaces where light and depth coexist.

Her work is intuitive and sensory. Each of her paintings are a blend of abstact and figurative art, an image of her vision of the world. The relief of her layers and her raw textures shows her ability to transpose her preoccupations and desires as a modern woman.