Arcade Latour

Born on June 5, 1950, Arcade Latour discovered inks from an early age and held a first exhibition in 1965. His passion for communication and creative expression led him to graphic arts, technical design and publishing.

In 1984, he was selected to design the Popemobile for pope John PaulII’s visit to Canada. He was also asked that same year by Radio-Canada to elaborate a concept for the lead vehicles in the papal motorcade. Loto-Quebec also called on him to design a concept vehicle that addresses the media’s specific needs.

Now, at age 66, he is still working with ink, expressing on canvas his particular vision of form and colour for the enjoyment of collectors and enthusiasts.

Looking for a reliable supplier for his unique paintings, Arcade Latour naturally gravitated toward Hostmann-Steinberg. From his first meeting with the regional manager for eastern Canada, a special partnership emerged: Michel Aubry is himself an art connoisseur who was immediately enthralled with what the artist succeed in committing to canvas. Known the world over for the quality of its products, Hostmann-Steinberg is present around the globe. Mindful of its environmental footprint, the Montreal plant has developed over the years an ink recycling program. It is from the ink yielded through this program that Latour finds the inks that he uses in his paintings.

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