Michaela Hoppe

Michaela grew up drawing in the small town of Biggar Saskatchewan. In grade 10 she met an art teacher who placed a paint brush in her hand and told her to paint. Because of this small trajectory change she spent her entire high school years huddled in a corner of the art room paining birds, large cats, and landscapes while dreaming of one day being a figure painter. 

A few years were spent at the University of Saskatchewan taking classes in drawing and painting to further her technique before moving back to home town Biggar to work as the Artistic Director at the Biggar Museum and Gallery. This led to her curating the Museum as their Executive Director.

Michaela's painting style is a amalgamation of the techniques she's learnt, her observations, and a unique flavor all her own. She enjoys learning from fellow artists and working within a creative community. She is inspired by her two daughters and loving husband who are endlessly patient and supportive of her creative ambitions.