Julie deBoer

Artist statement

"I am privileged to spend my days creating big sky, prairie landscape paintings from my home studio in Bearspaw, Alberta. My art is known for its dramatic flowing skies, bold color and whimsy. My childhood was immersed in art as my mother was a self-taught artist as well, art was around every corner of our home but I did not pursue it for myself until my 30’s. Better late than never. 

My art is strongly influenced by my faith; that this boundless, bold, beautiful world was created by a boundless, bold, beautifully creative God. Creating art is a process of letting go and an exercise in trust. The more I trust this innate gift God chose for me, the more the gift is able to grow. 

Beneath it all, I am a happily exhausted mother of three teenagers, married to my best friend and husband of 20 years. In this life I hope I can, at least in part, convey God’s creativity and grandeur through my work."